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Behind the Misfits

  • Spray-Free Avocado Overload!

    Spray-Free Avocado Overload!

    We have a new farmer on board! Rod and his wife bought an orchard in Te Puke a couple of years ago and are now fed up. Continual price negotiations by supermarkets plus a dwindling export market have driven prices so...

  • Meet Carolyn & Malcom!

    Meet Carolyn & Malcom!

    This awesome couple are responsible for those beautiful feijoas in your boxes the last couple weeks. Nestled in the outskirts of Rotorua, their orchard has 10 blocks of trees, supplying fruit all season. When selling their fruit, they usually grade...

  • Meet Tyler!

    Meet Tyler!

    Meet Tyler! We reckon he's the coolest brussels sprout farmer in NZ The sprouts in your box this season are coming from his farm in beautiful snow-covered Ohakune. Having grown up watching his grandfather grow these lil cabbages on the exact...

  • Misfit Garden Taupo New Zealand wonky vegetable subscription lemon hamilton rotorua tauranga whakatane

    Simply the Zest!

    Have you noticed lemons are super expensive in big retail stores at the moment? (they are currently sitting at $16/kg!) and at the same time there are 1000's of kilos going to waste each week for not looking 'perfect' enough...

  • HOW much for a broccoli?!

    HOW much for a broccoli?!

    Have you noticed there's a shortage of broccoli in the supermarkets this week? Around eleventy-thousand litres of rain has fallen in the last 2 weeks (that's the official measurement of course!) This makes growing, planting & harvesting veggies very difficult...

  • Mushroom Farm Visits!

    Mushroom Farm Visits!

    Last week we went to visit a Quality mushrooms, an organic mushroom farm just outside Hamilton. We literally had no clue about how a commerical mushroom farm would look so were really excited to see what it was all about!...

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We are a zero waste business

We hate to see food wasted so whenever we have surplus produce it gets donated to charity food banks around Taupō.

If you're in the Taupō area and know your box gets delivered by the Misfit van, you're in luck! We will collect your old boxes and put them to use again, leave them out for us in a dry spot on delivery day.