We're a subscription box with a difference.

It is estimated that over 1/3 of a crop doesn't make it to market as it is the wrong size, shape, or colour. We are on a mission to help end the cycle of food waste by including this Misfit produce in our home delivery boxes every week.

We source produce straight from the farm, pack it into a box, and deliver straight to your front door. We believe in paying farmers fairly for high quality fruit & veg. So in your boxes you can expect fresh, delicious, and sometimes funny looking Misfits along the way!

We also donate all oursurplus produce to food banks and charities around Taupo.

We are a ZERO FOOD WASTE business

We donate all our surplus produce to charity food banks around Taupo


"An adorable little business that is fighting the good fight. There is every reason to buy from them; save money, save food, save water and help farmers. And they are a brilliant little team that work so hard to improve themselves every day."

Fleur, Kinloch


" Always friendly and helpful. Product is better flavour, ripeness and price compared to the supermarkets. Seasonal and fresh. Great platform for ordering and easy to adjust. Happy customer! "

- Tony, Taupo


" What an amazing idea you guys have ! And how imperfectly perfect are you’re items ! Not to mention the best value and amazing service !!! You have a long time customer here "

Paula, Taupo


" Just got our first Misfits box and it looks great! Very happy with the selection and quantity of veges "

Savannah, Taupo


"I love the philosophy of rescuing food from becoming waste; Misfit Garden NZ takes it to the max!"

Reinske, Taupo