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Meet the Team

Kia Ora! We're Jen & Sofia and we are the gals behind Misfit Garden, a fresh veggie subscription box that provides Kiwi households with farm fresh & exciting produce, while fighting food waste along the way!
We launched Misfit garden during the first 2020 lockdown with one mission in mind; help stop food waste. We buy direct from farmers, prioritising surplus and misfit shaped produce, and deliver a weekly box of goodies to your front door. We are proud to say we were the first home delivery initiative in NZ to offer something like this - and it is cool to see that the idea has grown since!
Misfit Garden was born from our experiences of produce markets in Europe & South America – you can see beautiful, albeit sometimes funny looking veg for offer at every stall. It made us realise that we only ever saw uniform and aesthetically pleasing produce in the supermarkets in NZ. But why?
What started as a stall in a local Taupo market has grown into something bigger than we could have imagined... and we can't wait to see what the future will bring!

A bit about us

Having grown up self-sufficient household with a garden full of fresh fruit & veg, Jen isn't adverse to getting her hands dirty! Although Jen is a qualified Zoologist, sustainable agriculture and food security has always been the big passion in her life. When she's not out digging up veggies from her own garden you can find her on the computer answering Misfit emails, chatting to farmers, or tweaking the Misfit Garden website.

Although she is a fully qualified physiotherapist, Sofia decided to retrain and turned her passion of food and cooking into a career! She has spent the last 13 years working as a chef in restaurants, cafes & lodges all over NZ. It's these epic cooking skills that she brings to Misfit Garden, designing and coming up with all our new and exciting recipe ideas! She's a pretty dab hand at social media too and is the face (and fingers!) behind our social media accounts. Have you checked out our instagram reels? We think they are pretty epic -> Check them out here

This is Jen Jen
You'll probably already recognise her if you live in Taupo or Rotorua as she is the awesome person who delivers your Misfit Boxes! She is the best delivery driver but she is also a machine when it comes to packing and also bunching!
One of her veggie discoveries this year is asparagus! Being the first time she has tried them, she bloody loves it and reckons they are her fave now.
If you see the Misfit Van driving around, make sure you throw out a massive wave and say hi!
This is Sophie!
As well as our weekly Misfit Box mission we also supply wholesale produce to Taupō & Turangi's finest cafes, restaurants & kindys. This is Sophie's jam; every morning she packs the bulk orders and delivers with a smile. If you see the van zooming and nipping around town in the morning, that will be Sophie! 🚐💨 Make sure you give her a big wave!
Soph's favourite veggie is the Super Silverbeet! With two young kids at home, she finds the best way to cook it is to chop it up super duper tiny and hide it in everything (teehee)

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