Mini Misfits

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Up to 40% of a crop of veg can go to waste, because it's not quite perfect enough.

At Misfit Garden, we gather these Misfit fruits & veggies, and deliver them to your door! We're a home delivery service with a difference: we’re on a mission to fight food waste and believe in paying farmers fairly for their hard earned work.

What you can expect in your box!

This little number packs around 5kgs of fresh fruit and vegetables for your household. This lil cutie will be divided between 3-4 staples (potatoes, onions, apples, carrots, pears) and 3-5 seasonal items. Expect produce that is sometimes unique, sometimes normal and sometimes so Misfit, it'll make you giggle!
We always support local farmers & growers, and ALWAYS prioritise seasonal!
** As our produce is usually coming straight from our farmers, please make sure to wash your fruit & veggies before you cook them! #dirtisgood #butnotinyourdinner
What you could expect in your box this season!
SF = Spray Free, Org = Organic
- Purple Kumara
- Green Kiwi
- Kale (SF)
- Persimmons
- Alto Beetroot (SF)
- Brussels Sprouts
- Swede
- Jerusalem Artichokes
- Red Yams
- Apples
- Golden Beetroot
- Butternut (SF)
- Cauliflower (SF)
- Baby Red Cabbage (SF)
- Daikon (SF)
- Baby Carrot Bunches
- Baby Fennel (Org)
- Coriander (SF)
- Parsley
- Yacon (Org)
- Shanghai Pak Choy (Org)
- Avocados
- Curly Kale (SF)
- Yellow Agria Potatoes
- Broccoli (SF)
- Mini Red Kumara
 -Mini Orange Kumara
- Spring Onions (SF)
- Red Onions
- Navel Oranges
- Mandarins
- Choko/ Chayote (Org)
- Spinach
- Silverbeet (SF)
- Lettuce
 - Pink Radish (SF)
- Yellow Turnip
- Brussels Sprouts
- Parnsips
- JUMBO Carrots
- Rainbow Chard (SF)
- Kabocha Pumpkin (SF)