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Behind the Misfits

  • yam yams misfit garden home delivery fighting food waste boxes wonky imperfect

    I Yam What I Yam

    Wondering why we are sending these pretty colourful yams in your Misfit boxes?
  • Compostable bags... yeah or nah?

    Compostable bags... yeah or nah?

    Every now and then we have been sending your leafy greens in a home compostable bag. It took us a while to decide whether or not to start using them and as much as we try not to, sometimes those...

  • What Causes Honey Crystallisation?

    What Causes Honey Crystallisation?

    You’ve almost certainly seen it, even if you didn’t know what it was called. Let’s set the scene. You buy a beautiful jar of honey from the store and it is in a luscious and gooey liquid form. As it...

Recipe Ideas

  • Roasted Cavolo Nero

    Roasted Cavolo Nero

  • Simple Roasted Yam Recipe

    Simple Roasted Yam Recipe

  • Feta Stuffed Leek

    Feta Stuffed Leek

We are a zero waste business

We hate to see food wasted so whenever we have surplus produce it gets donated to charity food banks around Taupō.

If you're in the Taupō area and know your box gets delivered by the Misfit van, you're in luck! We will collect your old boxes and put them to use again, leave them out for us in a dry spot on delivery day.