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Compostable bags... yeah or nah?

Compostable bags... yeah or nah?

Every now and then we have been sending your leafy greens in a home compostable bag.
It took us a while to decide whether or not to start using them and as much as we try not to, sometimes those leafy greens need a "plastic-like" barrier to make sure they arrive happy (and still green) to your home! We are super happy to be using 'Love our Land' produce bags. These bags break down in a home composting environment without harming the environment around us.
Although, here's the tricky part.
Compostable means, after using it a few times, it NEEDS to go into a home or commerical compost to actually descompose. Although the bags are made out of corn starch, cassava or other natural materials, if they end up in the regular garbage and buried in landfill, they are almost as bad CO2 emitters as normal plastic bags... which we ALL HATE.
So if you don't have the facilities for a home compost, we will be happy to take your bags back (alongside your boxes) and make sure they actually get composted!
REMEMBER: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
The best way for us to help Aotearoa's environment is to minimise our use of ALL types of bag (plastic and compostable) and reduce what goes to landfill. Using home composts and recycling our materials will definitely have a positive impact, but the best and first choice should always be to reduce what we are using in the first place.