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Simply the Zest!

Have you noticed lemons are super expensive in big retail stores at the moment? (they are currently sitting at $9/kg where we are) and at the same time there are 1000's of kilos going to waste each week for not looking 'perfect' enough *eurggghhhhhhhh *insert exasperated eye roll*

We are super stoked to be working with Rowan & Tiff who are as fed up of seeing food waste as we are! In peak season about 300kg from their orchard gets rejected each week. This means seeing their hard earned work mulched down and wasted.

Over the last 3 weeks we have diverted over 950kg of lemons from being wasted, and popped them in your Misfit Boxes! Thank you to Rowan & Tiff for getting behind fighting food waste and selling these to us. And an even bigger thanks to our Misfit customers & restaurants for helping us shift them!


Why do farmers sometimes mulch and discard the fruit as a opposed to give it away?

We are sure that every farmer would like to see every single thing they grow go to market, but it makes it impossible when supermarkets demand only perfect produce. The next best thing is donation! But it is very hard for growers, as there is usually no help with logistics for these donations or no way to cover the cost of transport. It's up to them to foot the bill. This is where we step in: we want to help bridge the gap by paying for this epic produce and getting it to you lovely folk. We can fund our fuel for the 'rescue mission' and donate heaps of our produce to local food charities around the local area!


misfit garden - lemon rescue from tauranga Jen Long & Sophie Clark