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Our Covid-19 Guidelines

We are committed to maintaining a safe workspace and meeting our duty of care to our Misfit Garden customers. We are taking stringent measures to ensure this, by keeping in line with current MPI guidelines:

  • Safety and hygiene measures have been heightened at our packing warehouse, which include regular sanitisation and hand washing.
  • Protective gear is worn at all times while handling, packing and delivering produce. We have hand sanitiser widely available at both both our packing facility and in our delivery vehicles, to keep our team and others safe.
  • We are adhering to strict social distancing measures in public to greatly reduce the risk of transmission to ourselves.
  • Luckily we are a team of two, and are living within the same bubble. We are maintaining this bubble throughout the heightened Covid-19 levels, and making sure to keep our bubble safe & secure.
  • We will continue to monitor NZ government and MPI guidelines and adapt our measures accordingly.


As well as all our additional precautions, to ensure our customers and staff safety, here are a few extra recommendations for when you receive and handle your Misfit Garden delivery box. We suggest these for peace of mind and to help ensure your safety.

  • Please wash your hands before opening the box
  • Wash all your fruit & veggies with clean water (although we always recommend that you do this!)
  • Wash your hands again after emptying your box and putting things away
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your boxes for return at the moment. We will resume box collections once we reach level 1 again.