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HOW much for a broccoli?!

HOW much for a broccoli?!

Have you noticed there's a shortage of broccoli in the supermarkets this week?
Around eleventy-thousand litres of rain has fallen in the last 2 weeks (that's the official measurement of course!😅) This makes growing, planting & harvesting veggies very difficult for farmers: broccoli, cauli, & cabbages have been badly
Add into the mix that supermarkets only want the 'perfect', same size, tight head, perfect coloured produce... this means there's no market for farmers misfit veg!
We are so lucky to work with an amazing farmer in Hawkes Bay, grabbing as many Misfit Broccoli as he's got and popping them in our Massive Misfit boxes this week! 😍 Some of them are the size of Jen's head!