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About Us

About Us

Hi there! We are Jen & Sofia and we are the faces behind Misfit Garden, a veggie rescue service in the Central North Island!
We launched Misfit garden just after covid lockdown 2020 with one mission in mind; help stop food waste.
Our mission is to help reduce this food waste, by buying the surplus and unwanted veggies direct from farmers - and getting them into everyday Kiwi households. We want to fix the food system, where food is graded by how edible it is and not simply by how it looks.
Misfit Garden was born from our experiences of produce markets in Europe & South America – you can see beautiful, yet sometimes funny looking veg for offer at every stall. It made us realise that we only ever saw uniform and aesthetically pleasing produce in the supermarkets in NZ. But why? After doing some digging, we learnt that up to 50% of all produce in NZ is wasted before it even leaves the farm. Why? Because it doesn’t look pretty enough or just too much was grown; despite it being totally tasty and fresh as can be!
We thought if we could bring together the hardworking farmers and customers who loved fresh produce – no matter what it looked like – we could help bridge the gap with an initiative that was long lasting and worthwhile.
We get direct access to the good stuff, for a better price. Simply because it’s excess supply, sometimes looks a little different, or because we cut out the middleman. Regardless of how it looks, our stuff tends to be fresher than what you’d find in stores because it doesn’t hang out with the middleman or in storage until distribution.
What started as a market stall and one-time delivery box, has now grown into a weekly subscription service. We offer 3 deliveries a week, 2 sizes of Misfit boxes and a fruit box.