Organic Kānuka Honey

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In the battle to fight food waste, we are now working closely with Zealandia Honey, a locally owned honey producer.

This local and sustainable business has a batch of Raw Kanuka honey that has just started to show signs of sugar separation. This means it's not quite perfect enough for the export market. This sugar separation is perfectly delicious to eat; it just makes the honey a little bit thicker. Some people actually prefer it because of its ability to spread easily without dripping!

We are lucky enough here at Misfit Garden, that we can now offer this RAW & ORGANIC honey as an add-on to your weekly order! For 40% less than the original RRP!

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Kanuka honey is made from the flowers of the Kanuka tree. Up until now, it’s been a bit of a well-kept secret. Similarly to Manuka, Kanuka honey has now been hailed as the “new super honey” due to its healing qualities. Kanuka honey’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties could make it especially helpful in healing burns, bruises, and other wounds. It's also just as delicious dolloped into your coffee, or added to your baking as a healthy sugar substitute.