Misfit Avocado Box (4kg)

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From our amazing farmers in Katikati, these hass avocados are creamy, fresh and not spent weeks & weeks in a coldstore! Step back supermarket avocados; the real deal are in town!

Our Misfit boxes are just exactly that. You will get a mix of large export quality avocados, medium sized fruit, and smaller 'single serve' avocados. This 4kg box will contain at least 20 avocados; you can expect around 5 big, 9 medium & 6 small sized fruit.

Why are they Misfit? Some of them have marks on their skin, some have skin that's not so green, some are a bit mishapen... but who cares?! They taste the same!

All the avocados that we send you are green. They will need a bit of time in your fruit bowl to ripen. TOP TIP - Stagger your avocado ripeness. Take a couple at a time out the fridge, and leave them next to your bananas & apples to help ripen them quicker.