I don't know what to cook!
We’ve got you covered! We are going to be providing weekly recipes with everything that we have for sale that week! They will be delicious and nutritious AND not too hard to cook! Make sure to tag us on Instagram with your creations. Send us some pics to let us know how you get on. Or send us some suggestions. You might make our websites hall of fame!

What payment methods do you accept?
We are currently only able to accept payments through credit or debit card.

Which charities do you work with?
Our aim is to provide 10-15% of our produce to local charities and food banks around Taupo and the surrounds. We are proudly helping out the local Kai Pantries, Taupo Baptist church. We will also be helping Belllyful fulfil their local deliveries to Turangi soon. We have been enjoying working alongside the Baptist Church, who provide hot meals every Monday evening. We donate 100% of our suplus produce, meaning we are a waste-free business! Zero Waste = Happy Misfit Garden Team!

Where do the vegetables come from?
We operate with a clear order of priority for our suppliers. Our criteria for our suppliers has to be balanced with wanting to offer enough variety and consistency for our customers. We all know that Taupo isn’t exactly a farmers utopia, so we have had to look further afield to find veggies in need! Where possible, all of our produce will be seasonal from Waikato & Hawkes Bay farms. Although we will sometimes have to source from NZ farms not super local to ourselves; we aim to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and so we will always want to offer the most environmentally sustainable produce.

When/ Where can I order my Box?
Right here -> www.misfitgarden.co.nz/collections/veggie-boxes and at anytime! We are currently delivering to Taupo, Turangi and surrounds; but are launching Waikato wide very soon!

Is the produce fresh?
As fresh as we can possibly get it! Operating as a weekly delivery means we can have the shortest possible lead time between collecting the vegetables from their farms to delivering to your door. Sometimes its so fresh, the mud is still wet!

Is the produce organic?
Some of your box will be organic and some will be spray-free, but we don’t yet do completely organic boxes. Our main priority right now is to reduce waste as that comes from all types of vegetable production.

Any more questions?! Just flick us an email at kiaora@misfitgarden.co.nz and we'll get back to you asap.