Misfit Avocado Box (5kg)

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From our amazing farmers in Katikati, these hass avocados are creamy, fresh and not spent weeks & weeks in a coldstore! Step back supermarket avocados; the real deal are in town!

his 5kg box will contain AT LEAST 25 avocados; you can expect a mix of sizes; jumbo, large, medium and small. By buying per kg, you can rest assure that the same amount of avocado is arriving on your door step each time!

Why are they Misfit? Some of them have blemishes on their skin, some have a little superficial sunburn, some are a bit mishapen... but who cares?! They taste just as amazing!

All the avocados that we send you are green. They will need a bit of time in your fruit bowl to ripen. TOP TIP - Stagger your avocado ripeness. Take a couple at a time out the fridge, and leave them next to your bananas & apples to help ripen them quicker.